Be productive without boundaries

Automatic 2FA-protected logins. Instant, seamless password sharing. Efficient access delegation. With Uniqkey, your workforce becomes a productivity powerhouse.

Lay the foundation for frictionless cooperaton.

  • Instant, automatic logins on all services

    Uniqkey enables secure, simple and swift logins on all cloud services, mobile & desktop apps.

  • Seamless and secure password sharing

    Need to use a service that only your boss has access to? With Uniqkey, teams can safely share passwords internally with a single click.

  • Farewell forgotten passwords

    Never worry about remembering your passwords again. The built-in Password Manager safely stores and remembers all your logins. Both private and work ones.

  • World-first to do automatic 2FA

    2FA is the future. And with Uniqkey's automatic 2FA feature, that future won't cause you any extra login hassle.

  • Use strong passwords with ease

    The built-in Password Generator lets you create complex password and auto-fill them on all services and platforms.

  • Productivity-boosting admin tools

    New member on your team? Uniqkey easily lets admin grant you the access, you need to get up and running.

Careers at Uniqkey

A passwordless workplace is a more efficient workplace.

When employees never have to worry about tedious logins, forgotten passwords or inefficient password sharing, they have more time to the work that matters.

Less friction =
higher productivity.

Imagine how much time and money your business could save, if your employees and IT department never had to deal with lost or forgotten passwords. Or if they never had to manually enter a login again. Or if you could onboard a new employee in a matter of minutes.

With Uniqkey, this is all possible from day one.

Make space for creative work

Time spent on dealing with passwords is time wasted. Uniqkey helps your employees unlock more time for meaningful work.

Save time by automating

Uniqkey's lightning-fast auto-fill feature enables 4x faster logins. On all services. For all employees. Even with 2FA enabled.

Reduce IT workload

With better employee password hygiene and more admin powerful tools you minimize the time your admins spend on low-value work.


Boost employee productivity
without sacrificing security.

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Poor password hygiene at work?

Read this free ebook to discover how poor password management puts your business at risk – and what to do about it.

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Poor password hygiene at work?

Read this free ebook to discover how poor password management puts your business at risk – and what to do about it.