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Automated Employee Logins

With automatic logins for all desktop, cloud and mobiles services, Uniqkey saves your workforce precious time and boosts productivity.

Unlock More Productivity

Uniqkey simplifies the login process, helping your workforce unlock more time for valuable tasks.

Improve Account Security

Help each employee adopt stronger passwords by eliminating the need to remember and enter login details.

Eliminate All Login Hassle

By automating login flows, Uniqkey removes all login hassle, enabling 300% faster employee logins.

Empower Employees With Fast, Secure Access

Give your workforce the power to securely access their work accounts faster than ever. Uniqkey replaces manual login flows with a fast, automatic and secure login experience. To log into a service or account, employees simply accept a login request in their Uniqkey mobile app. 

A single password reset is estimated to cost $70 on average, making forgotten passwords a major financial problem. By automating the login process, employees no longer have to stress about remembering complicated login credentials. This eliminates the need for your IT department to waste time and effort on low-value tasks like password resets.

End Password Resets At Work - And Save Money

Secure Access To All Services. On All Platforms.

With Uniqkey, you can rest assured that your cybersecurity will evolve with your organization. By constantly updating and expanding the number of covered services, Uniqkey covers both cloud, desktop and mobile services, and continues to adapt to your IT environments as it changes.

Simplify Employee Logins With Uniqkey

Learn How To Comply With NIS2

Speed up your NIS2 research with our concise, 14-page white paper on the NIS2 Directive.