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Maximize Login Security
With 2FA Autofill

Hate manually entering 2FA codes? So do we. Uniqkey autofills all your 2FA codes for you, so you don’t have to, maximizing both security and convenience.

Two-factor Authentication Autofill

Manually dealing with two-factor authentication tokens is a hassle. Uniqkey removes all 2FA-related friction by autofilling your TOTP codes for you. Simply request a login, accept on your phone and watch as Uniqkey fetches your 2FA codes, enters them, and automatically logs you in. Every time.

Improve Security

Boost your cybersecurity by securing access to your business with 2FA.

Increase Convenience

Make your workforce happy by providing them with a zero-friction login experience.

Boost Productivity

Less manual typing and idle time means more time for high-value tasks.

We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.

Kent Kirkegaard IT manager at Caljan

Our employees' passwords were the weakest link in our security. Uniqkey solved that immediately.

Kristoffer Munch Head of IT at Beof

I love that I never have to spend time remembering my passwords or worrying about my online safety. Uniqkey simply makes life easier.

Josephine K. Project Leay

Uniqkey makes it easy to use and share passwords, both online and offline.

Henrik F. Business Optimizer at Easyfood

I wish I had this years ago. With Uniqkey, I have all my passwords in one place, where they are easily accessible.

May Britt D. CFO

    Block 99.9% of Hacker Attacks.

    Microsoft and Google report that simply enabling 2FA prevents more than 99.9% of account takeover attempts. By boosting employee 2FA use, you dramatically increase the security of your business.

    Remove Friction. Boost Employee 2FA Use.

    Friction discourage employees from using 2FA. By automating the entering of 2FA codes, you remove this friction, and any potential barriers that may prevent your employees from benefitting from the added security of 2FA .

    Remove Friction. Boost Employee 2FA Use.

    Replace Your Authenticator App With Uniqkey.

    Uniqkey replaces traditional authenticator apps like Google Authenticator. Simply setup Uniqkey as an authenticator for your account, and every time you login, Uniqkey will fetch and enter your 2FA codes for you. Simple as that.

    Make 2FA Super Easy To
    Handle With Uniqkey

    Learn How To Comply With NIS2

    Speed up your NIS2 research with our concise, 14-page white paper on the NIS2 Directive.