Uniqkey CEO on why businesses need to go passwordless.


In the aftermath of the recent pandemic, CEO, Hakan Yagci, and CMO, Simon Melander, were featured in an interview by TechSavvy , Denmark’s go-to digital media for entrepreneurs. 

Here they were asked to give their take on the rising security-related challenges facing businesses in the age of digitalisation – including the increasingly problematic reliance on traditional password usage for business security.

The dark side of digitization

The rise of digital services that businesses have to manage, just to be able to operate in a digital world, is taking a tremendous toll on their security management.” Hakan Yagci explains. Continuing, he notes that “every new service demands more overview and control from administrators, while forcing employees to handle increasing amounts of unique passwords.” 

While the consequences of this wide-spread business practice may not be noticeable in the short-term,  the long-term consequences are serious. “What ends up happening is that employees take on unsafe habits such as using weak or reused passwords in their daily work. And this is a slippery slope.”

During the interview, they also got a chance to expand on how Uniqkey, considered a first-mover in the market of passwordless authentication, aims to solve this global problem.

81% of all data breaches are caused by poor access security, such as the daily use of weak or reused passwords.” says Hakan. “This fact alone should be enough to make people reconsider an alternative to traditional password use. It’s also why our key solution to the problem is to help businesses become entirely passwordless, increasing overall security and productivity in the process.”

If you want the full story, the entire interview is available here.

However, it is currently only available in Danish.