No more time-consuming logins for desktop applications

Bring joy to your workforce by extending military-grade access security to your desktop applications with secure, automatic logins and 2FA auto-fill.

Credentials autofill

Uniqkey helps your employees unlock more time for meaningful, creative work by auto-filling credentials.

Save time by automating

Uniqkey's lightning-fast auto-fill feature enables 4x faster logins. On all services. For all employees. Even with 2FA enabled.

Unified access security

Better employee password habits and more powerful admin tools boosts your access security across your entire organization.

Uniqkey Identity and Access Management

A passwordless workplace is a more efficient workplace.

When employees never have to worry about tedious logins, forgotten passwords or inefficient password sharing, they have more time for the work that matters.

Secure, automated logins for your favourite desktop apps.

  • Azure AD

  • Citrix Workspace

  • NemID

  • Remote Desktop

  • WMware Horizon

  • FortiClient


Improve your workflow with
automated logins for desktop apps