How to keep company data safe when an employee leaves

Most companies don't have a formal process for safely offboarding former employees, leaving them open to data leaks by malicious actors. Here's how to prevent terminated employees from putting your company's security at risk by accessing private company data after the end of their employment.

House of Code uses Uniqkey to future-proof their cyber security

House of Code uses Uniqkey to future-proof their cyber security “Sharing passwords with employees used to be a rather frustrating thing to do. With Uniqkey, this is now both easy and safe for everyone to do. My colleagues are quite happy about this, to say the least.” – Henrik Stær Grove, COO at House of […]

How better password management is the “magic bullet” of cybersecurity.

How better password management is the “magic bullet” of cyber security Many employees understand that using strong passwords is one of the best strategies to secure their private and work accounts. Not everyone, on the other hand, chooses complex combinations from a pool of random characters. This is because complicated passwords are difficult to remember, […]

3 råd til at træne dine ansatte i brugen af Uniqkey

Adgangskoder og cybersikkerhed er ikke altid det mest interessante emne for dine ansatte og er ofte 2 ord der forbindes med nye systemer og besværlige processer. Heldigvis løser en password manager en stor del af de udfordringer, som medarbejdere oplever i hverdagen, som eksempelvis glemte adgangskoder, manglende adgang og et system til at huske besværlige […]

Brug Uniqkey i den nye Microsoft Edge browser

Uniqkey understøtter den nye chromium Microsoft Edge browser, så du kan logge sikkert ind, uden ekstra besvær. Den nye opdatering har givet browseren et markant løft på flere områder og har fået positiv respons. Ny browser = bedre brugeroplevelse I December 2018 annoncerede Microsoft, at de ville gøre brug af Google’s open source projekt baseret […]