Business Password & Access Manager

The easiest way to protect your business

Uniqkey automates employee logins and empowers IT with full SaaS visibility and centralized access management to make businesses more secure and productive. 

Trusted by security-demanding businesses everywhere

More services.
More passwords.
More risk.

In a time of exploding cloud and SaaS usage, manually managing passwords has become both a source of daily frustration for employees and an alarming security risk for businesses.

Uniqkey eliminates this problem with a powerful but easy-to-use password & access manager built for businesses.

Maximum security.
Zero effort.

For the individual employee, Uniqkey automates all logins, even 2FA-protected ones, making military-grade security simple and convenient.

Your IT team can only protect what they can see.

More than a password manager, Uniqkey gives your IT team total overview and control over the entire digital presence of your business. 

The preferred password & access manager for businesses

Uniqkey makes enterprise password and access management simpler, easier and more impactful.

Automate logins and improve password hygiene organization-wide with intuitive password management.
With automatic 2FA, you can achieve maximum login security without slowing down workflows.
Easily assign users into groups and apply role-specific access priviliges to prevent unauthorized service use.
Empower your IT with full overview and control of all company services and employee accesses.

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Breaches ruin businesses - and brands.

Each day, data breaches costs businesses millions in damages and ruined reputation. With weak passwords being the main source of risk, better password hygiene and access management is the obvious solution.

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Uniqkey secures and automates your employees' login flow to all cloud services, desktop applications & mobile services

Password & access management

Secure businesses
do better work.

With effortless password management, 2FA auto-fill, and unmatched admin control, Uniqkey helps your employees get more work done, safer and faster, while giving admins the tools to keep your business protected and productive.

Developed by leading security experts from Visa & The UK Parliament

Protects your data with 6 layers of encryption, compared to the conventional 4 layers.

Europe's only dedicated password & access manager for businesses

Less friction =
higher productivity.

Imagine how much time and money your business could save, if your employees and IT department never had to deal with lost or forgotten passwords. Or if they never had to manually enter a login again. Or if you could onboard a new employee in a matter of minutes.

With Uniqkey, this is all possible from day one.

"Our employees' passwords were the weakest link in our security. Uniqkey solved that immediately."
Kristoffer Munch
Head of IT at Beof
"Sharing passwords with employees used to be a rather frustrating thing to do. With Uniqkey, this is now both easy and safe for everyone to do."
Henrik Stær Grove
COO at House of Code

An IT-approved security tool, your employees will love.

Uniqkey pairs unmatched admin control with an intuitive, automated login experience to create the password and access manager that IT always wanted, but never had, and that employees love to use.

How Uniqkey is different


Automatic logins. Frictionless onboarding. Streamlined user experience. Simplified IT operations. Instant password sharing.

Combined they make up a unique IAM solution that breaks down traditionel productivity barriers to help you get more done, faster.


Pushback from employees is the biggest barrier to preventing businesses from upgrading their cyber security.

With its intuitive app-based interface, automatic 2FA feature and a 5 minute onboarding period, Uniqkey is a security tool, your employees will actually use in their workday.


While other password managers secure their user’s data online, Uniqkey encrypts user data with zero-knowledge technology, and stores it offline on our user’s own devices.

This way, your data stays untouched even if Uniqkey experiences a direct cyber attack.

We're with you from onboarding to successful roll-out.

New tools are hard to adopt. Especially in larger organizations.

Where traditional software adoptation periods last up to 180 days, our customized roll-out framework and dedicated Customer Success team ensures that you reach full organizational implementation in less than 30 days. 


Uniqkey in action



To comply with government requirements and protect critical national infrastructure, Beof wanted an easy-to-implement security solution that would help them minimize human-related security risks in their company.



House of Code was in the market for a password manager that could breach-proof their business with 2FA protection, while being so intuitive to use that the added security layer wouldn't slow down their employees' productivity.

Eliminate the biggest security risk
facing your business today