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Making cyber security simple. Uniqkey interviewed by The Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Simon Cederstråhle Melander & Hakan Yagci Uniqkey A/S Interview billede Klerkegade

On the 19th of April, 2018, Uniqkey’s CEO, Hakan Yagci, and CMO, Simon Melander, were invited by the Danish Chamber of Commerce (DCC) to present Uniqkey’s innovative password and access management solution to DCC’s many readers in the form of a Q&A interview.

DCC were interested in how Uniqkey’s newly developed cyber security solution could help protect Danish e-commerce businesses against data breaches.

The interview covered various pressing issues, with the main one being how Danish businesses would benefit from implementing Uniqkey as part of their cyber security strategy. 

No business is safe from cyber attacks

Adressing the problem at hand, Simon Melander explained that “most businesses, small and big, face the same problem. “Poor access security” he continued “or in other words, the improper handling of passwords on a day-to-day basis, is the main cause of data breaches in businesses, accounting for 81% of all data breaches.”

Adding to Simon’s point, CEO Hakan Yagci noted that “this is only made worse by the increasing amounts of digital services that companies adopt, all of which require employees to create and remember new unique logins.”

Continuing his explanation, Simon Melander said that it is especially the case that small businesses lack proper cyber security, many of them dismissing the need because of the high expenses associated with security solutions.

Uniqkey offers any business a simpler, more secure and convenient, and ultimately less expensive solution to this problem. “Our solution,” Simon explained ”replaces the daily use of passwords with an incredibly safe and user-friendly app that stores the passwords and auto-fills credentials with the click of a button for a smooth and passwordless login experience.”

The full interview dives further into the complexity of the growing cyber threats, as well as the specific technological foundations that make Uniqkey a fierce competitor in the space of cyber security solutions.

To read it, go here

The interview is currently only available in Danish.

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