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Case Studies

Learn how our customers use Uniqkey to solve critical cybersecurity challenges and mitigate the risk of password-related cyberattacks.

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Customer Case Studies

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How Beof uses Uniqkey to eliminate human-related risks and protect critical infrastructure

To comply with government requirements and protect critical national infrastructure, Beof wanted an easy-to-implement security solution that would help them minimize human-related security risks in their company.
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Caljan uses Uniqkey to boost 2FA adoption and maximize login security for employees

To maximize employee login security, logistics automation technology provider Caljan sought a 2FA solution that was both easy to use for, fast to implement and required minimal administration from IT.
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How Vejle Brand uses Uniqkey to reclaim control and overview of its corporate digital assets

Having no reliably way of managing company accounts or knowing which services employees had access to, Vejle Brand struggled to protect its digital attack surface and achieve better control.
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House of Code uses Uniqkey to future-proof their cybersecurity by easing 2FA adoption

House of Code sought a password manager that could breach-proof their business with 2FA protection, while being so intuitive that the added security layer wouldn’t slow down their employees’ productivity.
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How Sandgrav Solutions improved password hygiene org-wide with Uniqkey

Responsibile for managing sensitive customer data, Sandgrav Solutions needed a security solution that would allow them to enforce better password hygiene increase 2FA adoption org-wide

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