A Simple Password Manager For Busy Employees

People are busy. Embrace the human element with a password manager designed to be happily used even on the busiest days.

Powerful enough for IT. Easy enough for employees.

Benefits for IT

  • Detailed, actionable insights

    Spot vulnerable logins. Identify unused company services. See who has access to what. Uniqkey delivers actionable insights from day one.

  • Manage everything from one place

    IT teams love Uniqkey because it lets them do their job with unmatched ease, precision and impact. All in one place.

  • Effortless security reporting

    With individual security scores, overview of login activity and a superior audit log, security reporting and compliance becomes effortless.

Benefits for employees

  • Swift logins with automatic 2FA

    With auto-filling of credentials and automatic 2FA authentication, employees use 75% less time on logins.

  • Intuitive password management

    Uniqkey stores and saves your passwords. Lets you auto-fill on all services. And helps you easily create and use complex passwords.

  • Easy-to-understand UI

    If you can tap your phone, you can use Uniqkey.

Manage your passwords in one place

Uniqkey makes it easy to be secure. Like it should be.

Any security tool that complicates workflows is doomed to fail. The only way you’ll succeed in protecting your business against cyber threats is by making it easy to be secure.

Uniqkey helps you do just that.

Designed to be happily used

Security should never be achieved on the expense of convenience. Uniqkey makes protecting your data as easy as tapping your phone.

Only the features you need

To make workflows simpler, we have actively stripped down our features to only include the ones necessary to do great work.

Login with 1 click. Everywhere.

A single click is all it takes to safely and automatically log in to any service, you use to get your work done - be it cloud, desktop or mobile.

Maximum security. Zero effort.

For the individual employee, Uniqkey automates all logins, even 2FA-protected ones, making military-grade security simple and convenient.

An IT-approved security tool, your employees will love.

Uniqkey pairs unmatched admin control with an intuitive, automated login experience to create the password and access manager that IT always wanted, but never had, and that employees love to use.


Make it easy to be secure. Like it should be.

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Poor password hygiene at work?

Read this free ebook to discover how poor password management puts your business at risk – and what to do about it.

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Poor password hygiene at work?

Read this free ebook to discover how poor password management puts your business at risk – and what to do about it.