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Combat Shadow IT With Service Overview

Your employees desire to get work done and use non-approved services creates a web of unguarded “Shadow IT” that escapes IT’s knowledge and protection. Uniqkey’s Service Overview gives admins full overview and control of all company services being used by employees, bringing shadow IT into the light.

Better SaaS Visibility Gives Better Control

By knowing what services employees use, you enable IT to better understand and protect your organization’s attack surface. 

The Service Overview also offers individual security insights into each service, allowing admins to easily spot security weak points.

Up to 38% of enterprise software licenses go unused. With the Service Overview, you know exactly what licenses you can cut.

Shadow IT is on the rise

Numbers for an average company

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of IT spending takes place outside of the IT department


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of employees admit to using apps without approval from IT

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Enable Flexibility And Innovation Without Sacrificing Security

Shadow IT is caused by your employees’ desire to work more efficiently.

Instead of restricting your workforce, Uniqkey lets you monitor the way employees work and gives you tools to help them secure their workflow.

You Can't Prevent Shadow IT. But You Can Manage It.

The best way to mitigate the risks associated with shadow IT is through better overview and control of the applications used by your employees.

Gain Full SaaS & Cloud Visibility

Full SaaS visibility is key to neutralizing the threats connected to shadow IT. Uniqkey gives your admins just that.

Reduce Breach Risk With Better Overview

Without a reliable way to monitor and manage the security of all company services, data leaks are bound to happen. 

Secure Your Digital Transformation

Employees will continue to adopt new tools to get their work done faster. You might as well make it safe.

Get To Know Your Digital Attack Surface With Uniqkey