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Secure Team Password Sharing

With Uniqkey, you can share logins between team members and entire departments with a few clicks, and have all the tools at hand to ensure privacy and maximize security.

Boost Teamwork

Speed up collaboration between individuals and teams by making it easy to securely share passwords.

Reduce Security Risks

Eliminate risky sharing methods by giving employees a safer way of sharing passwords internally.

Control Who Has Access

Stay in control of who has access to what by leveraging an organized and secure method of login sharing.

We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.

Kent Kirkegaard IT manager at Caljan

Uniqkey gives us the security and control we need to confidently protect our company.

Daniel Sönnichsen IT consultant at Vejle Brand

We had Lastpass, but it was costly and we didn't know how to roll it out. With Uniqkey, these problems were easily solved.

Rocus P. IT coordinator at Hordijk

Our employees' passwords were the weakest link in our security. Uniqkey solved that immediately.

Kristoffer Munch Head of IT at Beof

I love that I never have to spend time remembering my passwords or worrying about my online safety. Uniqkey simply makes life easier.

Josephine K. Project Leay

Uniqkey makes it easy to use and share passwords, both online and offline.

Henrik F. Business Optimizer at Easyfood

I wish I had this years ago. With Uniqkey, I have all my passwords in one place, where they are easily accessible.

May Britt D. CFO

Enable Safe Collaboration With Organized Password Sharing

Whether you like it or not, people share logins. With Uniqkey, you can ensure that password sharing is done in an efficient, organized and secure way. Or restrict it all together.

Group-based sharing

Everyone in IT needs a specific login? No problems. Uniqkey enables you to share logins with entire groups.

Optional Restrictions

Share logins without revealing passwords, limit sharing to set time period or hand over full control. The choice is yours.

Sharing History

As an admin, Uniqkey allows you to track password sharings across your organization to prevent unauthorized access.

Share Passwords Safely And Efficiently With Uniqkey