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Simple Password Vault For Teams

People are busy, make security convenient with a simple & secure business password vault designed to be hassle-free used by teams.

End Password Problems

Say good bye to password problems. Uniqkey lets you easily store, create and manage passwords wherever you are.

Easy-To-Understand UI

Uniqkey's intuitive UI enables you to master it in no time. To log into a service, simply request a login and accept on your phone.

Delight Your Team With A Secure Password Vault Solution

The only way to succeed with cybersecurity is to make it easy for employees to be secure. Built for ultimate user convenience, Uniqkey is user-friendly password manager which is easy to pick up, quick to master and eliminates password-related frustration from day one.

Automatic Logins

Automatically log into your favourite services. Simply request a login and accept on your phone.

Password Sharing

Easily and securely share passwords between individuals and work groups for faster collaboration.

2FA Autofill

Uniqkey makes it easy for employees to adopt 2FA by autofilling 2FA codes, removing inconvenience.

Work & Private Vault

Uniqkey saves both work and private passwords, but stores them separately for privacy purposes.

Password Generator

Boost employee password security with auto-generated strong, unique passwords with up to 72 digits.

Encrypted Password Storage

Uniqkey protects company password data by encrypting it and storing it locally, offline on each user's device.

I love that I never have to spend time remembering my passwords or worrying about my online safety. Uniqkey simply makes life easier.

Josephine K. Project Leay

Uniqkey makes it easy to use and share passwords, both online and offline.

Henrik F. Business Optimizer at Easyfood

I wish I had this years ago. With Uniqkey, I have all my passwords in one place, where they are easily accessible.

May Britt D. CFO

Convenient Security For All Logins

For the individual employee, Uniqkey automates all logins, even 2FA-protected ones, making military-grade security simple and convenient.

secure password management

Manage Work & Private Passwords With Ease

Keeping track of passwords is a walk in the park with Uniqkey. All work and private logins are always readily available in the Uniqkey mobile app and browser extension.

Collaborate Faster With A Password Vault For Teams

Keep Your Team’s Passwords Organized

Put an end to inconvenient password spreadsheets. With Uniqkey, all your team passwords is stored securely and easily available in a vault only accessible by your team.  This way, all your team relevant passwords are fully organized and easy to fetch. 

Get New Team Members Started Fast

No more waiting for IT to setup accounts or having new members waste time trying to remember passwords With Uniqkey, new hires are automatically granted access to the login information they need, enabling them to start working on their tasks and contributing to your team immediately. 

Remove Bottlenecks In Your Workflow

Never wait for access again, Using Uniqkey, you can easily share logins internally, ensuring that all team members always have the logins they need to do their tasks – even in cases where members with exclusive access specific logins are unavailable. 

Make Security Convenient With A Simple Password Vault For Teams