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Encrypted Password Storage

Uniqkey is a safe habour for your company password data. By utilizing the latest encryption standards, we keep your stored passwords safe and secure from any attacker. 

Your Password Data Is Safe With Uniqkey

Military-approved, offline encryption

All password data is secured with 6-layer encryption, and industry-recognized AES-256 and SHA-3 encryption is applied to ensure maximum security. To prevent user data from being leaked by a third-party, logins are stored and protected offline and locally on each user’s own device.

"Secure by design" infrastructure

Built with security in mind, Uniqkey leverages Secure Remote Password and Zero Knowledge Proof protocols to protect and hide user’s passwords from third parties. Each user owns a Master Password, which gives them sole control of all their secured data and logins.

Industry-standard Security

Your Passwords Are Always Safe

To keep your password data safe and sound at all times, your passwords are encrypted at rest and in transit, and never leaves your device. This method prevents attackers from fetching your data in a useful format. 

Our zero-knowledge technology makes sure that your passwords are never visible to any third-party – including us. Your data is yours, and will only ever be accessible by you.

Your data is yours. And only yours

Uniqkey Has Never Been Breached

In our 6 years of operation, we’ve never suffered a data breach. And we continually test our internal defenses to make sure it stays that way.

Secure Your Company Passwords With Uniqkey