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European businesses use Uniqkey to simplify password management, reclaim IT control and reduce password-based cyber risk. All in one super easy-to-use tool.

password manager for enterprise

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Password Manager For Enterprise

Secure your workforce with a
convenient business password manager

Uniqkey is the perfect password management solution for teams and businesses. Built with high usability in mind, Uniqkey makes it easy for employees to adopt secure password habits, raising company-wide security in a simple and effective way.

Simple Password Management

Eliminate password-related risk at work with simpler, smarter and more secure password management for your organization.

Convenient Password & 2FA Autofill

Save time and boost employee productivity with password & 2FA autofill for all cloud, desktop and mobile services.

Streamlined Access Management

Empower IT admins with full visibility and centralized control of all corporate accounts and employee access permissions.

❌ Without Uniqkey

✅ With Uniqkey

We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.

Kent Kirkegaard IT Manager at Caljan

Uniqkey gives us the security and control we need to confidently protect our company.

Daniel Sönnichsen IT consultant at Vejle Brand

We had Lastpass, but it was costly and we didn't know how to roll it out. With Uniqkey, those problems were easily solved.

Rocus P. IT Coordinator at Hordijk

Our employees' passwords were the weakest link in our security. Uniqkey solved that immediately

Kristoffer Munch Head of IT at Beof

    End Bad Password Habits With Secure Password Management

    By automating password use, Uniqkey makes it easy for employees to follow security best practicies, eliminating password-related risk at scale. Safely create, store and share passwords without worrying about putting your business at risk.

    Increase Employee Productivity With Password & 2FA Autofill​

    With faster, automatic logins, your employees never have to remember or enter a password again, saving time spent on tedious tasks. 2FA also becomes super easy to handle, which means more employees will be happy to use it.

    Raise Cybersecurity With Full SaaS Visibility And Control

    With centralized control and full overview of corporate accounts, employee permissions and login activity, Uniqkey gives admins tools to immediately strengthen company-wide security and reduce credential-based risks at work.

    100% GDPR compliant. Perfect For Europe-based Businesses

    Hosted and operated in Denmark, Uniqkey is Europe’s only dedicated business password management solution and 100% GPDR compliant. This simplifies compliance for European companies who are subject to strict data privacy standards.

    Record-fast Implementaton with Guided Onboarding Help

    To ensure a quick and painfree implementation, Uniqkey integrates with existing user infrastructure such as Azure Active Directory, offers personal guided onboarding help and creates a customized roll-out plan for all customers. 

    Stop Password-related Breaches With Uniqkey

    password manager for enterprise
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    Poor password hygiene at work?

    Read this free ebook to discover how poor password management puts your business at risk – and what to do about it.

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    Poor password hygiene at work?

    Read this free ebook to discover how poor password management puts your business at risk – and what to do about it.