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Integrated Password Generator

Say good weak passwords at work. With Uniqkey’s integrated password generator, employees can auto-generate high-strength passwords for each of their work accounts, elevating your org-wide password security.

Eliminate Weak Passwords

Put an end to the use of weak passwords in your organization. With Uniqkey, employees can create high-strength passwords in an instant. 

Boost Password Strength

Uniqkey makes it easy for employees to generate passwords with up to 72 characters, boosting password strength across your entire workforce.

Simplify Password Security

Eliminate the need for your employees to think of new passwords themselves. Instead, let Uniqkey auto-generate unique 72-character passwords with a single click.

Protect Your Business With Strong Passwords

81% of cyberattacks leverage poor or reused passwords.

With Uniqkey, you can significantly reduce the risk of password-related breaches at work by ensuring that all passwords used within your organization are unique, complex and long, and therefore almost impossible to crack.

Enforce Password Policies With Ease

As an IT manager, its your responsibility to ensure that your organization’s password policies are being followed. Yet, many employees find it difficult to pick strong passwords for all their accounts.

With Uniqkey’s integrated password generator, you remove any friction hindering your workforce from following company password policies. With a single click, employees can auto-generate passwords with up to 72 characters, and use them without needing to remember them.

Easily Create Strong Passwords As You Browse

Need to come up with password for a new account you’re creating? No problems. With Uniqkey, you always have a password generator at hand whether you’re on your phone or your computer. 

To generate a strong password for a new account you’re creating, simply open the generator by pressing the Uniqkey logo in the required password input field and hit “copy” to paste the auto-generated passwords.

Boost Company Password Security With Uniqkey

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