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How to guard webshops against breaches on Black Friday.

For years on end, Black Friday has been the single biggest day (sales-wise) for ecommerce businesses in Denmark, small and large. On this day, people flock to the stores and websites of their favorite brands to take advantage of the once-in-a-year offers. 

This makes ecommerce businesses – especially smaller ones with minimal cyber security – an ideal target for malevolent hackers. Here, they’re looking to score big by stealing valuable user data such as credit card information and selling it on the Dark Web. 

Small businesses are the easiest targets for hackers

In 2018, Uniqkey CEO, Hakan Yagci, was asked by Retailnews.dk to share his thoughts on how serious the cyber threat really is for these businesses.

“In my experience, small businesses believe that cyber attacks only happen to large corporations. But most often it’s the small businesses who make the easiest targets because of their flawed cyber security.” Hakan Yagci explains, and adds. “Hackers then use them as a gateway to access the systems of larger businesses.”

However, small businesses aren’t doomed, as Yagci offers a rather simple solution: “Generally speaking, the individual employee is the weakest link in a company’s security because of their often risky password habits.” 

“The solution,” says Hakan “is to start using password managers and 2-factor authentication as much as possible. You won’t believe it, but the most common password used by people is still 123456.”

If you want to read the full interview, go here.

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