Get your employees started with Uniqkey in minutes.

Uniqkey is simple to setup. Easy to pick up. And syncs with your existing user database for a swift and smooth onboarding.

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Designed for swift and smooth implementation.

  • Get employees started in 7 minutes.

    We've created a streamlined onboarding flow that gets users up and running in as little as 7 minutes.

  • Easy to pick up by anyone.

    Uniqkey is built be used by anyone. Regardless of their tech-savvyness. If you can tap your phone, you can use Uniqkey.

  • Auto-invitations for new users.

    New users are automatically invited to Uniqkey and assigned pre-determined access rights when invited to your ADD.

  • Custom, guided roll-out plan.

    We craft a custom, roll-out plan for all customers, and provide 1-1 assistance to ensure frictionless org-wide implementation.

  • Syncs with your Active Directory.

    Leverage your existing user infrastructure. Uniqkey auto-syncronizes with your Active Directory for a smooth setup.

  • Tools to ensure a smooth onboarding.

    Automate your enrollment by installing and implementing Uniqkey through your MDM tools. And enforce policy and usage via group policies to ensure a faster end-user onboarding.

Save time on employee onboarding.

Uniqkey has streamlined the entire company and employee onboarding process with an automated flow that secures a friction-free onboarding and activation experience.

The onboarding flow is designed for employees and takes less than 7 mins. 


Azure Active Directory Synchronization

Uniqkey automatically syncs with Azure Active Directory and keeps users and group synced through SCIM 2.0 protocol. New users are automatically invited and enrolled to Uniqkey. And when you disable a user in AAD, the user is also disabled in Uniqkey and loses their access. 

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Add or remove users in seconds.

With Uniqkey, your admins can get new employees ready for work – and former ones fully removed from your organization – in just 1 click.

We're with you from onboarding to successful roll-out.

New tools are hard to adopt. Especially in larger organizations.

Where traditional software adoptation periods last up to 180 days, our customized roll-out framework and dedicated Customer Success team ensures that you reach full organizational implementation in less than 30 days. 


Deploy Uniqkey in your
business with ease

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Poor password hygiene at work?

Read this free ebook to discover how poor password management puts your business at risk – and what to do about it.

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Poor password hygiene at work?

Read this free ebook to discover how poor password management puts your business at risk – and what to do about it.