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How better password management is the "magic bullet" of cyber security

Uniqkey Password Management Solution

Many employees understand that using strong passwords is one of the best strategies to secure their private and work accounts. Not everyone, on the other hand, chooses complex combinations from a pool of random characters.

This is because complicated passwords are difficult to remember, and no one wants to be locked out of their accounts because they forgot their password.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem. And that solution is better Password Management.

Why a password management solution is the best weapon against cyber threats

The answer is simple. 

A single breach of a corporate network can have far-reaching implications for the entire business and its employees. This makes having a Password Management Solution more crucial today than ever before.

Better password management decreases the risk of a data breach and protects your business. 

With so many password management solutions on the market, businesses should make sure that whatever solution they use is safe and secure. 

With digitalization and the pandemic causing a rise in online engagement and increased web applications and services, your business needs a solution that adheres to security and encryption best practices and can manage the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.

In a perfect world, businesses use strong and unique passwords on all cloud services, desktop programs, and mobile applications, and have a convenient login setup for all employees. Obviously, reality is very different, and that’s why security and convenience was embedded into every aspect, as well as an easy-to-use and convenient setup for all users. 

When developing Uniqkey, we wanted to make sure that security was embedded into every aspect of the platform

How Uniqkey keeps company and user data safe

Security by encryption

To ensure that the information is only accessible by the user, we use the same AES-256 algorithm that governments use for security systems and data. Because all sensitive data is encrypted in transit and at rest, Uniqkey cannot access or decrypt passwords. 

"AES 256 is virtually impenetrable using brute-force methods. It would take billion of years to brute-force AES using current computing technology."

- QuickAdviser.com

Security by Data Segregation

Passwords can only be decrypted in the mobile app, where they are encrypted by the operating system and can only be decrypted with the user’s permission. Only metadata is saved elsewhere; this information is encrypted and can only be decoded by a trusted Uniqkey employee.

Mobile application

Data is encrypted and protected with multiple layers of security, including on mobile devices, to ensure data security and integrity. The master password is encrypted with AES-256 and stored on the device in the user’s private key chain. It’s kept secure on your phone’s RAM, accessible only through our app. The master password is used as an additional layer of encryption before storing the password on the mobile device.

The Uniqkey application

By scanning QR codes to pair extensions and programs with the mobile app, we ensure that the user has full control over all communication in our system. Each Uniqkey app will have its own identity, which will be formed when the app is connected to the smartphone.

A browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Brave. Passwords may be safely recovered and typed into the cloud service using the browser extension. When you install the browser extension, we also give you a desktop program for macOS and Windows.

SRP (Secure Remote Password)

Uniqkey employs the SRP protocol, which allows us to have Zero-knowledge Proof and secure password protocol; the user password is never saved on the server. Uniqkey systems require a shared key and a cryptographic verifier obtained from the password.

The Secure Remote Password protocol (SRP) is a password-authenticated key exchange (PAKE) mechanism that has been enhanced. An eavesdropper or man in the middle won’t be able to brute-force a password or employ a dictionary attack since they won’t have enough information.


The only unit in our system that is authenticated is the mobile application. That is the system’s secret to success. From a security standpoint, this offers the user complete control over who has access. Authentication is tied to a physical device in every case. 

The mobile application and server exchange non-secret information to authenticate, and they do so over a secure HTTP connection (HTTPS). To ensure that data is delivered securely between the client and the server, we employ SSL via HTTPS. 

Find out more on how Uniqkey can help you protect your data. Get in touch with our sales team now to get an insight into Uniqkey’s technical implementations. Or check out the following helpful resources for further information.

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