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Password Manager For Desktop Applications

Is your IT environment mostly on-premise? No problems. Unlike most password managers, Uniqkey is not limited to cloud-based services, but works for all services on all platforms, including desktop applications.

Increase Desktop App Security

Speed up collaboration between individuals and teams by making it easy to securely share passwords.

Simplify And Streamline Logins

Eliminate risky sharing methods by giving employees a safer way of sharing passwords internally.

Suitable For All IT Environments

Every business is unique. Some operate using largely cloud-based services, others are purely run using on-premise systems and applications. Whatever the case, Uniqkey is built to suit any IT setup and is constantly updated to expand its service and platform coverage.

Security That Evolves With Your Business

As your business grows, so does your IT environment. With Uniqkey, you can rest assured that your cybersecurity evolves with your organization, eliminating the need for you to continually invest in new security systems to cover any new attack vectors. 

Secure Access To Your
Favourite Desktop Applications

  • Azure AD

  • Citrix Workspace

  • NemID

  • Zoom

  • TeamViewer

  • Bitrix24

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Dropbox

  • MySQL Workbench

  • Skype For Business

  • WinSCP

  • Cisco AnyConnect

  • Remote Desktop

  • WMware Horizon

  • FortiClient

  • Windows Hello

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Watchguard VPN

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • FileZilla

  • ProtonVPN

  • PgAdmin

  • Trello

  • SSMS

Is your service not on the list? Don’t worry. We add applications on-demand.

Protect Every Corner Of Your Business

An average business with 288 employees uses a total of 185 business services. That’s a huge attack surface. With a great deal of blindspots. With Uniqkey at hand, your workforce is equipped with a password manager that works for any and all of their services, be it desktop, cloud or mobile. This allows you to protect every corner of your business.

Secure Your Desktop Applications With Uniqkey