Centralized Access Management For Businesses

Uniqkey combines automatic 2FA, simple password management and granular admin control to create a powerful access management platform for businesses and enterprises.

0 %
Of all data breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords
0 %
of employees use the same passwords for both work and personal accounts
55 %
Of former employees still have access to company systems

Passwordless authentication

Remove your daily password use. Remove your risk.

Every year, businesses increase the number of cloud service they use to operate. While this boosts productivity, it also makes it harder for employees to maintain healthy password hygiene, which increases data breach risks.

By replacing daily password use with automated logins, this risk is instantly eliminated.

Automatic 2FA authentication

Make 2FA-protected logins hassle-free.

It’s clear: 2FA is the future. Still, many businesses choose not to adopt 2FA because of the extra friction it adds to employee logins.

Uniqkey auto-fills your 2FA code on each 2FA-protected login, protecting your employees with maximum security without any extra time-consuming steps.

Powerful identity and access management

Take back control of your business.

Identify weak logins. Onboard and offboard team members with a few clicks. And easily grant or restrict employees’ access to specific services with optional geo or time-specific limits.

With its powerful Admin Dashboard, Uniqkey lets you take back control of your security by granting admins full oversight of services, accounts and employee accesses.

Admin Features

Enterprise-focused access management

Uniqkey makes enterprise access management simpler, easier and more impactful.

No more guessing. Identify which services your company use – and save money by cutting the rest.

Stay ahead of leaks by making sure your employees only have access to the services they should.

Investigate suspicious user behaviour with ease, and be confident in your auditing abilities in case of breach.

Gain instant insight into which users or services pose the highest risk, so you know where to intervene first.

Make cooperation fricitoness between individuals and teams by organizing shared logins via Groups.

Apply fine-grained user access restrictions based on geolocation, IP and time-specific parameters.

Leverages SCIM 2.0 to connect with Azure Active Directory. No other integration needed. Get started in minutes.

Adopting new tools takes time. Speed up adoption by knowing how far each user is in their onboarding process.

Make onboarding effortless by adding or removing users to your organization in minutes.

Best-in-class user experience

Made for easy adoption by IT and employees.

Easily sync your existing users via through automatic User Provisioning via Azure Active Directory. Onboard employees in minutes. And guarantee a successful roll-out with a customized roll-out plan designed by our Customer Success team.

Developed by leading European security experts

Military-approved offline encryption.

All passwords and data is secured with 6-layer encryption, and industry-recognized AES-256 and SHA-3 encryption is applied to ensure maximum security. To prevent user data from being leaked by a third-party, logins are stored and protected offline and locally on each user's own device.

'Secure by design' infrastructure

Developed from a design principle of "secure by design, Uniqkey leverages Secure Remote Password and Zero Knowledge Proof protocols to manage and protect user’s passwords without them being directly visible to us. Each user has a Master Password, which encrypts and holds complete control over all their data, preventing Uniqkey from accessing it.

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Poor password hygiene at work?

Read this free ebook to discover how poor password management puts your business at risk – and what to do about it.

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Poor password hygiene at work?

Read this free ebook to discover how poor password management puts your business at risk – and what to do about it.