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Centralized Access Management For Businesses

Effectively managing access to accounts and resources in your organization is crucial to support innovation and prevent security breaches. Uniqkey offers powerful access management tools that help admins keep your workforce productive and your business protected.

Take Back Control Of Your Business

Identify weak logins. Onboard and offboard team members with a few clicks. Easily grant or revoke access permissions.

With Uniqkey’s powerful access management platform, IT has the power to take back control of your business with full oversight and control of company services, accounts, and employee access permissions. 


Enterprise Access Management

Uniqkey makes enterprise access management simpler, easier and more impactful.

Powerful Access Control

Easily grant and revoke access rights across your organization and effectively prevent unauthorized access

Individual Security Scores

Take proactive measures to improve security with insight into security scores of individual employees, services and accounts.

Company Service Overview

Simplify compliance and easily investigate user behavior with a detailed history of all relevant user activity.

Centralized Audit Log

Uniqkey saves both work and private passwords, but stores them separately for privacy purposes.

Custom Access Policies

Apply fine-grained user access restrictions based on geolocation, IP and time-specific parameters.

Secure Onboarding & Offboarding

Protect your company systems by easily removing all access rights from ex-employees when they leave.

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Simple Deployment

Deploy Uniqkey in minutes by leveraging SCIM 2.0 to connect with your existing user directory like Azure Active Directory. No other integrations needed.

Streamline Access Management With Uniqkey