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Boost Cloud Security With Powerful Access Control

With Uniqkey, admins can secure company cloud services with granular access control tools. Grant and revoke access rights, manage password security, and monitor user activity.


Identity and access management

Controlled user rights

For a lot of businesses, today’s complex IT environment leads to a lack of service and access overview. Identity and access management is about giving the right employees access to the right systems and ressources.

Manage your digital presence

Avoid shadow IT and cut expenses by identifying which services your business no longer needs or uses. With overview of users and service, your admins can spot and remove inactive employee logins and unused licenses.

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How secure are your cloud services?

Transparent security scores

Inform your security efforts with individual security scores that tell you exactly how secure each employee, department and service really is.

Limit access

Time-based restrictions

Put time-specific access limits on systems and logins to reduce breach risks and unnecessary access.

As an example, choose to only let employees log in during work hours or limit the access of part-time employees.


Limit access


Limit access to logins to specific location or restrict logins from certain countries.

For example, you can choose to only allow employee logins to work at your office or prevent logins from specific countries.

Limit access

IP-based restrictions

Restrict access to your services and logins based on IP addresses.

Avoid employees logging onto to critical systems from unsecure networks like airports and hotels.



Share passwords with peace of mind

Password sharing is often done in a risky manner.

Groups make it easy to temporarily grant or share logins and accounts between users without having to reveal passwords in the process.

Effective administration

Easy employee onboarding and offboarding

Identity and access management automates and improves processes related to access security. 

Empower your IT team with powerful control and overview of your company’s digital presence.

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Overview of login activity

Audit Log

Get complete overview of all employee login activity – including individual and shared logins, as well as any changes in the control panel.

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