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Europe's #1 Business Password Manager

Simple Password Management For Businesses

European businesses use Uniqkey to simplify password management, reclaim IT control and reduce password-based cyber risk. All in one super easy-to-use tool.

Trusted By Leading European Businesses

Password Manager For Business & Enterprise

Secure Your Workforce With A Convenient Business Password Manager

Uniqkey is the perfect password management solution for teams and businesses. Built with high usability in mind, Uniqkey makes it easy for employees to adopt secure password habits, raising company-wide security in a simple and effective way.

Secure Password Management

Eliminate password-related risk at work with simpler and safer password management for your organization.

Password & 2FA Autofill

Save time and boost employee productivity with password & 2FA autofill for all cloud, desktop and mobile services.

Manage Employee Accesses Easily

Empower IT admins with full visibility and centralized control of all corporate accounts and employee access permissions.

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What Our European Customers Say

We picked Uniqkey because they maximize our login security by making 2FA super easy to handle.

Kent Kirkegaard IT manager at Caljan

Uniqkey gives us the security and control we need to confidently protect our company.

Daniel Sönnichsen IT consultant at Vejle Brand

We had Lastpass, but it was costly and we didn't know how to roll it out. With Uniqkey, these problems were easily solved.

Rocus P. IT coordinator at Hordijk

Our employees' passwords were the weakest link in our security. Uniqkey solved that immediately.

Kristoffer Munch Head of IT at Beof

I love that I never have to spend time remembering my passwords or worrying about my online safety. Uniqkey simply makes life easier.

Josephine K. Project Leay

Uniqkey makes it easy to use and share passwords, both online and offline.

Henrik F. Business Optimizer at Easyfood

I wish I had this years ago. With Uniqkey, I have all my passwords in one place, where they are easily accessible.

May Britt D. CFO

From Digital Chaos To Orderly Security

Without Uniqkey

  • No overview of employee accounts and services
  • Fragmented access management
  • Impossible to protect all access points
business password manager without uniqkey
  • No overview of employee accounts and services
  • Fragmented access management
  • Impossible to protect all access points

With Uniqkey

  • Full visibility of employee accounts and services
  • Centralized management of employee access rights
  • Every access point is protected
business password manager with uniqkey
  • Full visibility of employee accounts and services
  • Centralized management of employee access rights
  • Every access point is protected
Europe password manager for business

End Bad Password Habits With Secure Password Management

By automating password use, Uniqkey makes it easy for employees to follow security best practicies, eliminating password-related risk at scale. Safely create, store and share passwords without worrying about putting your business at risk.

Europe password manager for business

Increase Productivity With Password & 2FA Autofill

With faster, automatic logins, your employees never have to remember or enter a password again, saving time spent on tedious tasks. 2FA also becomes super easy to handle, which means more employees will be happy to use it.

autofill 2 factor auth
autofill 2 factor auth

Leverages zero-knowledge proof

All data is stored locally, offline and encrypted

Reclaim Control With Centralized
Employee & Access Management

By leveraging Uniqkey’s access management platform, admins have full control and overview of corporate logins and employee permissions, enabling them to reclaim IT control, strengthen company-wide security and reduce password-based risk at work.

Onboard and Terminate Employees Access

Combat Shadow IT With Full Service Visibility

Control All Corporate Logins From One Place

Perfect For European Businesses

Comply With EU Regulations

Hosted and operated in Denmark, Uniqkey is only dedicated business password management solution in Europe. This makes Uniqkey the go-to password manager for European businesses who are subject to strict EU data security standards.


Uniqkey protects all data using military-grade encryption such as AES-256 og SHA-3.

All Data Is Hosted In Denmark

All our data is stored in Danish data centres and adhers to EU regulations.

No Third-Party Data Transfer

Uniqkey is not obligated to transfer customer data to any third-party regulatory bodies.

onboarding to business password vault is easy

Quick Implementation With Guided Onboarding

To ensure a quick and painfree implementation, Uniqkey integrates with existing user infrastructure such as Azure Active Directory, offers personal guided onboarding help including on-demand phone support, and creates a customized roll-out plan for all customers. 

Secure Your Business Against
Password Risk With Uniqkey