Sandgrav Solutions x Uniqkey

“Uniqkey allows me to sleep safely at night because I know our passwords and accesses are safely stored. It's easy to onboard a new employee, and just as easy the opposite, when it happens. I think that especially their Password Generator is genious, because we can choose very complex passwords without being afraid of forgetting them.”
– Frederik Sandgrav I CEO at Sandgrav Solutions

Sandgrav Solutions process a wide range of confidential information on behalf of their customers. This is both company-specific but also more GDPR related information such as CPR numbers, sick leave information, etc. A cyber attack would be the most horrific and catastrophic thing that Frederik Sandgrav, CEO of Sandgrav Solutions, could imagine.

Upgrading to 2FA security level

It is really important for Sandgrav Solutions that they have the highest IT security while their employees will be able to fulfill their tasks, easily and securely. That is why Sandgrav Solutions has raised their IT security by using 2-factor authentication on various logins, including when logging on to the laptop, encrypting hard drives and a number of other measures. The customers of Sandgrav Solutions also benefit from this level of security, as Sandgrav Solutions have all the financial information about their customers, as well as the customers employees, in one form or another, as they are often responsible for the companies' payroll processes.

 “In relation to our workflow, we need to get access to a wide range of our customer's passwords, in order to be able to achieve our daily tasks. It is no secret that these were often saved on a common customer-drive in Word or in a Notepad system before. Which we all knew was not a viable solution in the long run.”
– Frederik Sandgrav I CEO at Sandgrav Solutions

Sandgrav Solutions chose Uniqkey because:

  • To avoid insecure storage solutions for their passwords.
  • To upgrade their cybersecurity with 2-factor authentication
  • Strengthen their IT security in general.
  • Uniqkey is very user-friendly to use for all employees.

User-friendly product & easy onboarding

For Sandgrav Solutions, getting started using Uniqkey has been easy and intuitive. It is one of the IT products that has been most easily implemented and used without too much sweat and tears, he says. This is a clear indication that it is a very user-friendly system, he says, which for Frederik Sandgrav is absolutely essential to be succesfully implemented.The onboarding in relation to starting up with Uniqkey has been absolutely fantastic as it was quick and efficient and Uniqkey's support was immediately ready to help us, if there were any challenges.

Frederik Sandgrav thinks that the onboarding process went beyond all expectations, which he thinks is quite impressive. Uniqkey allows Frederik Sandgrav, from Sandgrav Solutions, to sleep safely at night in relation to all the passwords and accesses they have to administrate.

It is now easy for Sandgrav Solutions to onboard a new employee, and just as easily to do the opposite when that happens. Especially Uniqkey's Password Generator, Frederik Sandgrav thinks is ingenious which make it possible for he and all Sandgrav Solutions employees to create some very complex passwords, without being afraid of forgetting them. 

About Sandgrav Solutions

Company size: Medium-sized company

Industry: Accounting & bookkeeping

Services: Digitalization of bookkeeping processes, sparring for business development, accounting, calculation of salary.

About the company:

Sandgrav Solutions is a virtual finance company, which helps their customers with everything within accounting and bookkeeping - from digitalization of bookkeeping to business development. Sandgrav Solutions focuses on digitalization, scalability and quality, in their collaboration with their customers. Sandgrav Solutions has 16 accounting consultants, controllers and CFOs employed within the company, which have existed for 8 years.