The next generation of cyber security

Goodbye unsecure passwords and manual login

Uniqkey is a unique all-in-one-solution that unifies the most important aspects of cyber security with excellent end-user experience, easy implementation and military grade offline security.

55 %
Of all databreaches are due to weak or reused credentials
55 %
Of all data breaches could have been avoided with 2FA
55 %
Of former employees still have access to company systems

Passwordless Authentication

No more passwords on any platform

Weak credentials are one of the primary reasons for security breaches. Combined with the increasing digitalization, employees now manage hundreds of credentials which makes them hard to remember and time-consuming to log in to.

Uniqkey removes the daily use of credentials and empowers employees to strengthen their overall security without extra hassle, while making their workflow easier and more convenient

Automatic 2 factor authenticator

Maximum security made easy

Security experts world-wide acknowledge 2 factor authentication with time-based-one-time passwords as the ultimate security layer for account security.

Still many companies chooses to ignore this layer of security due to the inconvenience and extra step employees have to go through when they log in.

Uniqkey autofills 2 factor keys instantly when logging in giving maximum account security without any extra steps for the employee.


Identity & Access Management

Centralized overview & control

Uniqkey provides full transparency and control of all employees, services and accounts across all platforms, giving vital security insights such as security scores on multiple levels, user activity, audit log and much more.

The control panel gives the admin access to a long range of features and tools to strengthen infrastructure further.

Manage employee access with ease and move accounts between users and groups. 

Securing your company has never been more easy. Easy implementation and automatic user provisioning with Azure AD onboarding your users within minutes.

World class user experience

Onboarding has never been easier

Uniqkey is easy to use both as an admin and as an employee. Our automatic sync with Active Directory makes it easy to synchronize users and groups with ease.

Our intuitive onboardingsflow guides through every step, onboarding employees in a matter of minutes 

User onboarding and implementation can me managed through the control panel and the admin can send guides directly to specific users or groups.

Built by leading security experts

Military grade offline security

All data and passwords are heavily encrypted and protected with military grade security and by utilizing state of the art technology. We use AES-256 and SHA-3 both recognized by governments and intelligence services world-wide. Credentials and data are stored and protected offline in each users cellphone for maximum security and availability.

Secure by design infrastructure

Uniqkey is developed from a philosophy and principle we call "secure by design". We have implemented protocols such as "Secure Remote Password" and "Zero Knowledge Proof" that allows us to handle and transit our customers credentials without ever knowing them. Protected with their master password, Uniqkey can't access or decrypt passwords or any other data.