House of Code x Uniqkey

"It was important for os to have 2 factor authentication that a previous supplier did not handle in the same way and that create an extra dimension of security. We know that there will be much more of that in the future, either 2 factor or 3 factor authentication."
– Henrik Stær Grove, COO at House of Code

IT security as a priority

A high security standard is essential in the IT industry that House of Code is a part of. For House of Code, using Uniqkey is not only useful for their internal data, but creates a general safety and strong IT security, also in their business relation to their customer. House of Code is a full service app bureau specialized in counseling, design, development & maintenance of apps for iOS and Android. House of Code's customers also ask them for advice in relation to fx applications they get developed by them and how the security of data should be treated in that case.

How important is Cybersecurity for House of Code?

"On a scale from 1-10, then it is 10. Security and data need to be handled with care, because when we develop something for others, then they of course ask us for counseling in relation to security: What can be done and what is secure and what should be done?"
– Henrik Stær Grove, COO at House of Code


Upgrade to 2FA security - a secure future

House of Code has chosen to highly assure themself in relation to the IT security of the future, which is already here. They know that 2 factor authentication is here to stay and that both 2FA and 3 factor authentication will be a part of future. Therefore, House of Code chose to switch to Uniqkey to achieve the highest level of security.

Rasmus Styrk, House of Code's CTO, made the rest of the management team aware that 2 factor authentication (2FA) was very important when it comes to IT security. House of Code has previously used another Password Manager on the market, which did not handle 2FA in the same way and it has given them an extra dimension of security to switch to Uniqkey.

Uniqkey can be used by any employee

As an IT company, House of Code is used to hire IT-savvy employees. Userfriendliness, however, is just as important a factor when it comes to choosing digital tools for daily office life use. For House of Code, it is important that the password manager they use on a daily basis is not only the newest technology within cybersecurity, but that it is an easy tool to use for all their employees, regardless of IT level. For Henrik Stær Grove, COO at House of Code, it has been a crucial Uniqkey feature to be able to share passwords with others with a self-selected time-limiting period associated. This has made it easy and secure to share passwords amongst employees. That way, it is easy, safe and efficient to use for all employees, no matter the type og period of employment.

Assurance against unwanted access at your fingertips

For Henrik Stær Grove er det at bruge en password manager trygt og sikkert i en meget digitaliseret hverdag på kontoret.

“When I go to a browser on my computer and I log in with Uniqkey, it opens the Uniqkey app on my phone and asks me: Do you want to give permission to this website or this login function to get access? Then I can choose to press allow or reject and it gives me an assurance that if others try to use my credentials, then an approval request pops up on my phone, then I can reject it if it is not myself who tried to log in. So that is the security and safety of Uniqkey and I use them with all my services, pretty much. ”
- Henrik Stær Grove, COO at House of Code

Supporting a Danish company

Henrik Stær Grove til helt klart anbefale Uniqkey fordi det er nemt at bruge. Når man først er igang.

“We had some challenges with using Uniqkey on Mac at first, but Uniqkey solved it. It is quite easy to onboard and then I just think that the most important selling point is that it is a Danish company and that is one of the reasons why we chose it. ”
- Henrik Stær Grove, COO at House of Code

House of Code chose Uniqkey because:

  • To upgrade their cybersecurity with 2-factor authentication
  • Easy to share passwords to other with a chosen time limit.
  • Støtte en Dansk virksomhed & SaaS løsning.

About House of Code

Company size: Medium-sized company

Industry: IT & App development

Services:  Full service app bureau with counseling, design, udvikling & maintenance of apps for iOS and Android.

About the company:


House of Code is offering everything within app-&web development. That means that they are able to start the processen no matter where their customers are in the process and their need for counseling, design, development, maintenance or the full package.

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