Passwordless authentication for all platforms

Say goodbye to unsecure password and time consuming logins

Uniqkey removes the daily use of passwords and automates the entire login process by auto-filling credentials including 2-factor authentication code, for all platforms and services


Unified market leading cyber security

Removes the most critical cyber threats

Uniqkey is a market leading all-in-one-platform designed to protect companies against the increasing cyber threat with innovative password & identity management. 

We combine the most powerful cyber security tools and state-of-the-art technology to remove the daily use of passwords completely, while providing in depth overview and control over all credentials and identities across all platforms.

Uniqkey removes the use of credentials for cloud services, desktop applications, and mobile services.

Say goodbye to your credentials

Passwordless authentication for all platforms

Digitalization and remote workstations has resulted in a boom in use of cloud services in companies worldwide. With these services, comes hundreds of passwords and credentials, which each employee must remember. Naturally, no one can keep track of that many credentials, forcing employees into unsecure habits such as weak and reused passwords, sticky notes, or a spreadsheet.

Uniqkey removes the daily use of credentials by fully automating the entire login flow. This empowers employees with maximum security while making their workflow more convenient.

One platform to rule them all

Securing cloud services, mobile & desktop applications.

Uniqkey protetcs and empower employees across all platforms,by removing the daily use of credentials on both cloud services, mobile and desktop applications.

The automated password manager offers a simple, secure and easy way to access services and enter credentials across platforms without any extra steps. 

3 critical problems due to digitalization

The increasing digitalization has influenced company infrastructure and made them vulnerable for cyber attacks

89% of former employees still have access to company accounts

Hard to control and maintain access management

The increase in cloud services and systems outside Active Directory makes it impossible to manage employee access.

7 ud af 10 companies were hit by a cyber attack last year

Lost overview due to digitalization & cloud services

The enormous increase has resulted in a boom in services which results in lost overview and control of services.

80% of all data breaches are due to weak or reused credentials

Many accounts result in weak and reused credentials

The increase of services all require a set of credentials, forcing employees into making weak passwords

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Customer Cases



Bornholms Energi & Forsyning wished to get insights about employees and their login activity while strengthening the overall password complexity. Uniqkey has prevented both phishing and cyber-attacks after implementation



House of Code was looking for a secure way to share passwords across the organization and an easy way to implement 2-factor authentication without disclosing the actual password for end-user. Read how they solved this with Uniqkey



Sandgrav Solutions wished to increase the overall security, with complex passwords and 2-factor on their services, while finding a secure way to store and share credentials. Learn how Sandgrav now protects their accounts with ease

Benefits for the company

Uniqkey provides overview and control of all services, accounts, and employee access across the entire organization, while providing unique insights of security scores across services, departments and employees and gives full transparency of all login activity and much more.

Benefits for the employees

Removes the daily use of credentials and automates the entire login flow for employees with autofill including 2 factor authentication. Uniqkey ensures a fraction free and secure workflow for the employee, while providing maximum security for the company.

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