Uniqkey CCO on how to succeed with cyber security

Recently, Magnus Cohn, Chief Commercial Officer at Uniqkey, got to present Uniqkey’s unique cyber security solution to the readers of Business Review.

How to succeed with cyber security in your business

In the featured interview, Cohn shared his 15 years of experience working with cyber security solutions in a B2B setting.

Among many other things, Cohn told Business Review that the greatest cyber threat facing businesses today is unsafe password habits amongst employees, citing the notorious Verizon report that shows that approximately 81% of all data breaches can be traced back to weak or re-used passwords.

Despite the seemingly simple problem, the need for proper cyber security tends to be dismissed by most companies either because of the perceived high costs of implementation or the extra burden complex cyber security solutions put on the user’s workflow.

What companies need is a simple and secure solution that automates as much of the login flow as possible, making it easy for employees to operate safely, not difficult, Magnus explains, and adds “that is exactly what we’ve built with Uniqkey.”

If you’re looking for a practical step-by-step breakdown of how both company and employee win back control of user access, make up for lost productivity, and breach-proof their entire workflow with Uniqkey, this interview gives you just that.

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It is currently only available in Danish.