House of Code uses Uniqkey to future-proof their cyber security

“Sharing passwords with employees used to be a rather frustrating thing to do. With Uniqkey, this is now both easy and safe for everyone to do. My colleagues are quite happy about this, to say the least.”

- Henrik Stær Grove, COO at House of Code


House of Code


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The challenge

House of Code was in the market for a password manager that could breach-proof their business for years to come with 2FA protection, while being so intuitive to use that the added security layer wouldn’t slow down their employees’ productivity.

Before Uniqkey

With Uniqkey

Security as a top priority.

Working in the IT industry, it is essential for House of Code to have a high security standard. As their job is to develop software for other companies, being well-protected against cyber threats naturally gives their customers comfort and security.

“We highly prioritize our cyber security, both to defend our own data, but also because it helps our customers feel secure and safe.” – Henrik Stær Grove, CEO at House of Code.

House of Code is a full-service app development agency specializing in the consulting, design, development and maintenance of iOS and Android apps. Serving primarily as developers for their customers, it’s no surprise that their customers also go to House of Code for cyber security advice.

“When we’re developing something for our customers, they naturally come to us for cyber security advice as well. What are our options? What’s the safest thing to do? What should we do?”

Pursuing 2FA security to stay ahead of the game.

House of Code have decided to stay well ahead of the threat in terms of their cyber security solutions.

Being software developers and IT enthusiasts, House of Code knows that 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is here to stay, and that it’s just a matter of time before 3 Factor Authentication becomes just as important. 

For this reason, House of Code saw a huge upside to replacing their previous password manager with Uniqkey. Primarily because it would significantly increase their level of security, but also because being passwordless would help them work more efficiently.

CTO at House of Code, Rasmus Styrk, made the rest of his management team aware of how crucial 2 Factor Authentication is to securing their company against data breaches.

Before Uniqkey, House of Code used another password manager, but the fact that it didn’t handle 2FA in the same way Uniqkey does naturally made it the lesser option. Switching to Uniqkey has since then provided them with an extra layer of security.

House of Code chose Uniqkey because we help:

Easy to use by any employee.

As a software company, House of Code is used to recruiting tech savvy employees. Despite this, user-friendliness is still a deciding factor for them when choosing which tools to work with on a daily basis.

For House of Code, the ideal password manager wouldn’t just have to be deploying the newest cyber security technology, it would also have to be easy and convenient to use for every employee, regardless of how tech savvy they may be.

To COO at House of Code, Henrik Stær Grove, being able to easily share passwords with other employees for a limited time period has been a crucial feature. 

“Sharing passwords with employees used to be a rather frustrating thing to do. With Uniqkey, this is now both easy and safe for everyone to do. My colleagues are quite happy about this, to say the least.”

Breach-proof with intuitive app.

Working in an increasingly digitized environment, Henrik Stær Grove has to constantly worry about security. Using Uniqkey’s intuitive app – which removes all the risk associated with logging in by helping him create, store and auto-fill complex passwords – he now worries less.

“Every time I want to log in on a given service, the Uniqkey browser extension auto-fills my credentials and the Uniqkey app asks for my permission to log in. I then just accept or deny the request. It’s safe. It’s easy. And because of this, I virtually use it for all of my services.”

Local support creates trust

Henrik explains that having local Danish support has been a key factor in why they ended up choosing Uniqkey. He also adds that once you’re up and running, Uniqkey is exceptionally easy to use. 

“Generally speaking, it was very easy to get started. Initially, we had a bit of trouble using Uniqkey on Mac, but these issues were quickly solved. Their local Danish support has been tremendously helpful and is one of the main reasons why we ended using Uniqkey.”

House of Code

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Software & app development

What they do

House of Code helps companies develop app and web-based solutions. With their wide range of expertise, they can assist their customers  in every step of the process, be it consulting, designing, developing or the entire package.