G2 2022 Summer Report: Uniqkey earns top-ratings in password manager category

G2's seasonal reports ranks and awards software companies based on various authentic user feedback. This summer, Uniqkey earned top ranks in our product category.

4 times a year, B2B software review platform G2 releases their seasonal report, awarding the top-performing companies of each software category with badges to celebrate and display their historic performance and user-satisfaction.

For companies in the SaaS segment, these badges represents market acknowledgement, industry esteem, but most importantly: happy users. User feedback and reviews are at the core of G2’s ranking system, and to climb the ranks of G2’s many product category lists requires a constant flow of relevant and positive user reviews, which ultimately stems from having an excellent product.

This summer, as part of our go-to-market strategy, Uniqkey was listed on G2 to begin collecting reviews from our users.

As a result of a time-intensive review gathering sprint, G2’s 2022 Summer Report placed Uniqkey at top positions in both the password manager and MFA category, surpassing competitors such as Lastpass and Dashlane.

G2 recognizes Uniqkey as "high performer" in password manager category, wins 32 badges

Uniqkey has been named a High Performer product based on high customer satisfaction scores and a low market presence compared to its competitors. 97% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars.

Some of its highest-rated features include Two-Factor Authentication, Admin Management and Quick Login. On top of this, Uniqkey also received top satisfaction ratings (97%+ satisfaction rate) in areas such as Quality of Support, Ease of Use and Ease of Setup.

“While currently holding a smaller market presence than most of our competitors, the simplicity and usefulness of our solution has shown us that we're worthy contenders to the titans of our product category."

Uniqkey’s user reviews highlight the product’s unmatched ease of use as one of its primary value-adding elements, while also commending the care of its support team as being serious reason to consider choosing Uniqkey over its competitors.

You can visit Uniqkey’s G2 profile here, and access the G2 Summer Report here.

Om Uniqkey

Uniqkey is business-friendly password and access manager, developed in Denmark by leading European cyber security experts. Uniqkey helps companies prevent 81% of all cyberattacks by automating password-use in the workplace. The mission of Uniqkey is to help protect companies against cyberattacks through simpler and better access and password management.

As of date, Uniqkey is used by 200+ scandinavian companies and employees 45 people across 3 European countries.

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