Beof uses Uniqkey to protect critical infrastructure.

“Our employees' passwords were the weakest link in our security. Uniqkey solved that immediately..”

- Kristoffer Munch, Head of IT at Beof.




Energy & Supply

The challenge

For at leve op til myndighedskrav og beskytte kritisk national infrastruktur, ledte Beof efter en brugervenlig sikkerhedsløsning, der kunne minimere menneskerelaterede sikkerhedsrisici.

Before Uniqkey

With Uniqkey

Heavy responsibility, heavy requirements.

Bornholms Energy & Supply, also referred to as Beof, is a Danish utility company. Responsible for the entire infrastructure on the island of Bornholm, including energy, water, and electricity, Boef is considered a cornerstone of Denmark’s critical infrastructure. 

To minimize the risk of security breaches, Beof has to follow strict security standards set by the government. A task that puts a heavy load on Beof’s IT department.

“As a utility company, IT security is one of our highest priorities. Our primary security concern has been to reduce our employees vulnerability to phishing attacks and passwords breaches.” – Kristoffer Munch, Head of IT.

Beof's goal: eliminate human-related security risks.

According to Verizon, 80% of company security breaches are caused by human-related errors like using weak or compromised passwords on a daily basis.

Aware of this risk, Beof sought a solution that would give each employee a secure, simple and convenient way to handle logins to critical systems, reducing this risk dramatically. And that’s what they found in Uniqkey. 

From the initial implementation phase, Beof prioritized password and cloud security to reduce employees use of re-used and weak passwords while gaining overview of company services and employee access. 

Because of the rising threat of phishing attacks, passwords breaches and social engineering, Kristoffer knew that their employees were the weakest link in their companys security.

Kristoffer explains that Beof chose Uniqkey “because they help us minimize human-related security risks.” “With Uniqkey’s user-friendly platform and intuitive, auto-login app, it is now easy for us to onboard employees and we have increased our general access security” – Kristoffer Munch, Head of IT.

What Beof likes about Uniqkey:

Forced to make decisions "in the dark"

Prior to the implementation of Uniqkey, Beof had no tools to monitor employee access outside their Active Directory or any insight into the complexity of their user’s passwords. This reduced their security management to guesses and general awareness training rather than data-driven decisions.

“Before Uniqkey, we had no overview of our users and their passwords. Our primary focus was awareness training and educating our employees to steer them towards more secure behaviour. But we had no tool to measure the actual impact.” – Kristoffer Munch.  

Beof now manages their security based on facts rather than guesses

In addition to the user-friendly app that replaces the daily use of passwords by auto-filling all credentials for a safer and more convenient login process,  Uniqkey also includes an intuitive Admin Dashboard that gives admins a detailed over all employee access and login activity. As a result,  Beof has increased their overall access security through targeted review and management of their passwords and services. 

The sudden insight into the flaws in their digital presence immediately helped them figure out where to intervene first – be it critical services, employees with low security scores or cases of shadow IT.

Kristoffer explains that the fact that they can now monitor the security score on all of their employees and services, has enabled them to take action based on actual facts rather than guesses. He adds “Now we know which employees or departments we should target strategically and we are fully aware of which services are being used across our organization”.

High security demands

Due to the heavy security requirements as a utility company, Beof has high demands for its supplier’s security, trustworthiness, and compliance. 

“The reason why we ended up with Uniqkey, was because of the high level of security on their platforms.” Kristoffer explains, and continues “In particular, it was their offline encryption of our passwords and data combined with their location in Denmark and within Europe that provided us with the necessary security and compliance we needed.” 

To add to Kristoffer’s words, our offline encryption and storage has provided Beof with a secure way to handle one of the most critical parts of their security infrastructure while giving them unlimited access to their passwords, no matter where they are or if they have internet access.


By combining state-of-the-art cyber security with an intuitive user experience to create an automatic and safe login process for employees, Uniqkey has provided value across all departments of Beof. 

Today, each employee at Beof has a more  convenient and productive workflow, and Beof’s IT department can rest safely knowing that each employee now has a simple way to increase their password complexity, in turn helping them comply with the highest governmental security standards.

Speaking on the overall cooperation between Uniqkey and Beof, Kristoffer Munch concludes that Uniqkey “have solved our needs for securing our passwords and access to critical systems, and their secure password sharing has created enormous value for both our organization and our IT department. I have already recommended Uniqkey to other businesses in our network of IT companies”.

Bornholms Energy & Supply (Beof)

Company size

Medium-sized company


Energy & Supply

What they do

Beof is responsible for maintaining critical energy infrastrucutre on the island of Borholm, and supplying its population with clean water and reliable power.